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Creating Credibility: How to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

Everyone has an opinion, but what does it take to truly be a thought leader?


Join Rein Communications CEO Nicole Peternel, as she shares the tools necessary to become an authority in your industry. A public relations expert, she has placed clients in top publications such as Bloomberg, Forbes and New York Times and secured speaker opportunities for herself and for clients in front of large audiences across the globe.

With her proven three-step approach, Nicole will provide the expert guidance needed in order to build your reputation, heighten your influence and raise visibility.


  1. Own it

  2. Earn it

  3. Receive it



  • Find out the difference between a thought leader and an influencer. 

  • Learn the three necessary steps it takes to become an authority. 

  • Discover how to use your knowledge to grow your presence.

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