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How a Little PR Can Go a Long Way in Attracting the Right Talent

Among other notoriety, 2021 signified the “Great Resignation.” Workers worldwide are reevaluating their priorities as they continue navigating through the pandemic, many of whom are leaving their jobs in pursuit of careers that meet their newfound expectations. 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

With a surplus of jobs available, employers have to rethink and innovate their incentive offerings and recruitment strategies to keep their teams happily employed. This struggle is not unique to one industry in particular, in fact, nearly every business that we’ve spoken to in the past year has had difficulties around recruiting. One key component being overlooking is PR. When planned strategically, PR can heighten a business’ reputation and visibility and attract the right talent. While the umbrella of PR is broad, here are a few ideas to get business leaders thinking.


Awards are not just an ego stroke, they can also position your organization as a desirable place to work. For instance, when someone googles “best law firm in North Carolina” you want to be at the top of the list. Whether the award is for “best places to work in Charlotte” or “Top Healthcare Company of the Year”, this recognition shows outstanding leadership, quality employees, a commitment to your craft and more, all of which are things people on the job hunt care about. Designating time to research awards in your local area, state, and industry as well as writing quality applications is time well spent. Just be sure to avoid paying for your awards-it can hurt your credibility rather than help it.

Employee Brand Ambassadors

Sure you are putting out content on your company’s social media, but how are you equipping your employees to talk about their experiences at your business? Most people are willing to share things on social media, they just don’t know what to say. Make things easy for them by creating an ambassador program, providing them with imagery and messaging to share that leaves room for them to elaborate on their personal experience. By leveraging your employees, you will reach their circles of influence and spread awareness of your brand.

Community Relations

What is your organization involved in outside of your office? This is where relationships with universities, local and state events and complimentary companies come in handy. Community relations should be an ongoing, evergreen effort. It can also have many different meanings, from sponsoring a festival to presenting to students at a local college career center. Regardless of the medium, ensure it’s a worthwhile avenue to invest in. Prospective employees like to see companies invest in something other than themselves, whether that’s through time, money, or volunteering.

Media Relations

Don’t just rely on a few press releases per year to get the word out about your company’s news. That will not move the needle forward. Utilizing the power of proactive PR can help you share interesting stories that demonstrate your culture, showcase your employees, and share your expertise. Earned media is a powerful testimony! It’s crucial to determine who you want to get your message across to, then narrow down what channels of communications they use. This segmentation and identification allows you to reach the right people where they are.

Thought Leadership

Your organization is full of bright, insightful people. Utilize them! Establishing thought leaders within your company is great for many reasons; reinforcing brand awareness, building media relationships, reaching talent, the list goes on and on. Showcase the diversity of your staff and individual experiences through written blog pieces, video series, or becoming a contributor for an industry outlet. So long as you provide unique, poignant topics, you will begin to be known as an innovator in your industry. Like-minded, prospective talent will be enticed by your work.


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