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Hope Is Not A Strategy

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Now is the time to ensure you emerge from quarantine positioned for success.

Many of us have relied on hope to get us through this time of uncertainty. Hope that our loved ones stay safe. Hope that we can flatten the curve. Hope that our businesses can open their doors, that customers and clients return and perhaps, we even meet some new ones.

Hope that our companies will recover.

Hope is like optimism. It's a feeling, a mindset. It’s an important foundation and what keeps us going. But when it comes to business, similar to the spread of COVID-19, hope without action does not provide results. Success requires the crafting of a well-designed strategy, designed to get both us and our businesses back to where they were: not just functioning, but thriving.

In the last week alone, Rein Communications signed on three new clients, which is unprecedented. These clients aren’t in the industries that are seeing growth during this pandemic, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. What these clients ARE seeing is the opportunity to increase visibility, reach their audience, and give their story a voice. They recognize the importance of building their credibility as we determine how to come out of this. They are aware that communicating their reemergence incorrectly can do irreparable harm, turning their best intentions into further loss.

With the correct strategy, you have a chance to position your business for success, even surpassing where you were pre-pandemic. While your doors are closed and your traffic has slowed, think about what you are doing to increase the awareness, grow your client base, and shape your narrative. When you are planning the tactical approach of reopening, make sure you develop a communications strategy with well-thought-out messaging. Identify and segment your stakeholders and reach them through the most appropriate channels. As they say, failing to plan is planning to fail, and after all we have been through, failure is not an option.


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